Infant Care


This program accepts infants 6 weeks – 12 months and is designed with your little one in mind. We follow what is called an “on demand” schedule. This means that we cater our schedule to meet the individual demands of your infant. If he or she wants to eat, sleep, or play, that is what we do. We want to get to know your baby and his or her needs as quickly as possible. You can help by letting us know likes and dislikes, sleeping positions, or anything that will help your child’s care go more smoothly.


Items for their first day

Anything you bring from home, such as bottles, clothes, etc., should have your child’s name written on it in permanent marker (first initial, last name)

  1. Bottles
  2. Diapers – weekly supply
  3. 2 Changes of clothes
  4. OPTIONAL: Breast milk (store in classroom fridge) or special/preferred formula

For the prevention of SIDS and to follow state licencing regulations blankets are NOT allowed in the infant room


“Demand Schedule” where they eat and nap on their own schedule

Daily activities, including music time, tummy time and activities to stimulate eye/hand coordination

Careful attention given to hygiene. All surfaces and toys are cleaned with bleach water throughout the day as needed

Diaper checks are done hourly. We keep track of bowel movements and diaper change times

Gloves are worn during diaper changes. We wash our hands every time we change a diaper, wipe a nose and always before feeding or handling food or bottles


We provide all formula, infant cereal and baby food (homemade – blend our own vegetables and fruit)

Parents can provide their own preferred formula or breast milk for their child

Water for formula preparation is always filtered

We wash and sanitize bottles between every feeding

We keep and provide parents with accurate daily records of the kinds and amounts of food and drink given to their child

Sickness Policy

Children with the following symptoms, regardless of the cause, must be kept at home or will be sent home until they have been symptom free for 24 hours:

Temperature of 100 (under the arm)

Diarrhea or vomiting

An undiagnosed rash

Sore or discharging eyes, ears or profuse nasal discharge

*These symptoms are most frequently the result of viral infections and are easily transmitted in young infants.

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