Officer Dallin Visits the Daycare

October 16, 2014
Today Officer Dallin visited our center and talked to us about safety. Autumn activities can be a fun time for children of all ages. They can play in the leaves, enjoy pumpkin carving, dressing up in costumes for Halloween, attend parties, and eat yummy treats. These celebrations also provide a chance to focus on safety. Officer Dallin discussed some of these safety issues with the children and then let each one of them sit in his car. He also flashed his lights and turned on his siren. The kids really enjoyed his visit.
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New Outdoor Playground!



The ground is broken for the new outdoor playground.  As the weather gets warmer the children are getting more and more excited to play on grass and get fresh air.  We should complete everything just in time!

Learning and Art Center Progress

The painting on the walls is done and so is the new flooring for the learning and art center.  This week the children have been able to work on a variety of projects and love all of the new activities.  We are now working on completing the decorating as well as the finishing the indoor playground.


Teaching children to love one another begins with teaching them to love themselves.

What is the best way to find that balance between creating healthy self confidence, without creating a child that believes themselves to be at the center of the universe?
We believe that by creating an environment in which they feel safe, loved, and valued goes a long way. Additionally, We think it is important to let children try things on their own… from sports to school projects to helping prepare meals.  Children will learn the joy of succeeding on their own and also learn to get past it in a healthy way when they don’t succeed. They will also learn that some things take a lot of practice, but the work is worth it. It can be heartbreaking to watch our children struggle, but we think a key of raising a healthy child, is to let them learn their strengths and their weakness’, along with the value of hard work, so they can ultimately embrace who they are and learn what they are capable of when they put their minds to something.
At Binky to Backpack Daycare we help children “learn to love who they are.”

Update on the new learning center

daycareplayground 006


Everything is coming together on the new learning center and indoor playground.  The new  walls are painted and the trim is going up today!!  Next week the flooring will be installed and then the kids can get back out on their bikes despite the cold weather outside.